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3 Top Tips for Surviving Medical and Dental School

Introduction to Medical and Dental School

When we enter Medical or Dental school as fresh faced young people, fresh at least for those of us entering at undergraduate level anyway.

We soon come to the realisation that our lovely friends on non dental and medical courses have a lot of free time in comparison.

And that this journey might not be as easy as we had thought!

So how do we get to keep up with the social calendar and also make sure we are on top of our spectacularly large workload?

Here are our tips

  1. Pretend medical/dental school is like a job! We aren't always in class throughout the day but the best way to keep our evenings free is to make use of every minute when we are in school. Try making school your 9-5. Take a packed lunch and eat it whilst you are studying in the library. This tactic should allow you to get a couple of really solid hours work in on a daily basis, which really builds up if you are consistent.
3 Top Tips for Surviving Medical and Dental School

Top Tip - Make this time count, find a way to stop yourself from procrastinating in these hours. Remember you're doing it this way so you can have lovely and free evenings!

  1. Look after your body and your body will look after you. This is one that people sometimes struggle with, but the best thing i ever did during dental school was to keep myself active and fit. It gives your mind a well earned rest and you can really get social in teams and clubs, so it’s kind of two bird with one stone! If you're the kind of person who likes to go a bit more solo you can hit the gym, but even there you will make friends for life! And i know of a number of medical students who felt the same way about their productivity increasing alongside physical exercise.


3 Top Tips for Surviving Medical and Dental School

 Top Tip - Don’t do crossfit, its not cool

  1. Resisting the peer pressure - this is the hardest lesson you will learn in dental school, but you simply cannot do everything and go to every event.There's just not enough time, and time is the most precious thing you have. Learn to wield the power of the word No. Hopefully your friends will understand that you have a lot going on and will support your decisions. This is also a great tool to sift out the people who really care about you from those who will inevitably disappear once things get difficult for you.

3 Top Tips for Surviving Medical and Dental School

Bonus Tip - If at any time you are stuck with your studies go and seek out some help, its best off that you get it explained to you early doors so that you don't waste time pulling your hair out over something. Older students are great sources of information, and they also have tips for your upcoming exams! And this might sound really strange, but some of your tutor are actually really cool people and will be happy to help out. Maybe gift them a coffee or some cake though as thanks!

If you've enjoyed this article let us know in the comments below, tell us your to tips for surviving school and make some suggestions for topics that you think we should cover!

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