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Dental Students Love Podcasts! Here’s Why

Welcome To The World Of Dental Podcasts!

Here at Carioustees, we are not just a dental gift site, we are committed to bringing you the best from around the world of dentistry.

Here is what Dental student, Christian Hart, who also hosts the Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry Podcast, has had to say on the subject!


The Current Dental Landscape

It’s no secret that the current dental student of the millennial generation is a lot different than any other generation before.

Many have contested that today’s dental student generation lacks patience, wants things too fast, and takes too many shortcuts.

While I do believe a lot of that can be true, it could also be the key reason why one form of media has exploded in the last few years to become one of the most impactful sources of knowledge and information to enter the world since the dawn of the internet.

And that, my lovely dental friends, is podcasts!


Why Is There A Demand For Dental Podcasts Though?

If someone told you, you could acquire the knowledge and wisdom of a highly successful dentist who’s been practising for 25 years, would you accept that offer?

If someone told you, you could learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes of your dental career, would you accept that offer?

If someone told you, you could listen to conversations of the most impactful thought leaders in the dental field to find out what they think is important, how they operate in their practice, or what advice they would give a dental student if they had to do it all over again, would you accept that offer?

Finally, what if that person told you all of that information is free and accessible to you anywhere in the world at any time? That is the reason why today’s dental students love podcasts so much.


A Variety of Dental Podcasts

There are over 30 dental podcasts, all creating extremely valuable content for every level of dentist and dental student.

Want to learn more about dental implants? There’s a podcast for that. Want to learn more about marketing to patients? There’s a podcast for that. Want to learn more about buying and selling dental practices? You've guessed it, there’s a podcast for that. This list could go on and on.

There is valuable information for almost any topic you can think of in dentistry to increase your knowledge and become better at the things you like.


Why Are Podcasts So Impactful For Dental Students in Particular?

Podcasts now give dental students the ability to shrink the knowledge gap between the experienced dentist or practice owner and the novice. You can sit in the sim-lab while you’re learning how to drill on teeth and listen to podcasts, or while you’re in the lab working on some of your patient’s cases. There are even some great clinical podcasts that give great tips and advice on how to perform different procedures or how to use different materials.

Some of the most impactful podcasts can be those centred around how to be a good business owner and entrepreneur. The four years of dental school is packed with dense science and clinical knowledge and for a good reason. Some might argue that even within those 4 years it is still not enough to learn all we need to know to be efficient and effective clinicians.


A Space In The Dental Education Market

However, it is undeniable that we don’t get taught enough about the practice management and ownership side of dentistry. The majority of dental school graduates will go on to be general dentists, and a large number of the class in total will go on to be practice owners.

Aside from maybe one or two introductory courses, we’re left out of the loop when it comes to managing a practice. Podcasts can be a huge substitute for that. Some of the best dental entrepreneurs and business owners can be found on any given episode or podcast show, and they are all giving out some of their best information for free.

Imagine if you used any free block of time during your day to just plug in your headphones and learn something new about the business of dentistry. Don’t you think after four years you would have a solid foundation on how a dental practice works or how to manage specific situations? It is important not to forget that there will never be a substitute for personal experience.


Priming You For Your Dental Future

Manoeuvring through success, failure, trail, and error will always be the only way you will truly get better. But don’t you think you might be able to avoid some crucial mistakes if you learned from someone who’s already been through it? Or don’t you think you could implement some business strategies that have proven themselves successful for many other great dentists?

This is the opportunity that podcasts bring dental students, especially when it comes to learning how to be a practice owner.

If any dental student feels like they can’t wait to get their career started, or own a practice, or be a better clinician, podcasts allow you increase your knowledge much faster than trying to experiment out on your own.

Find your favourite topic that you feel is most valuable to you and soak up all the knowledge you can, because if you can start earlier or go faster that’s the only way to get ahead in the game.

Christian Hart
4th year dental student UNC Chapel Hill

Host of Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry Podcast

Thanks for reading this awesome contribution by Christian and be sure to subscribe to his podcast! While you're already here check out our amazing selection of dental gifts!
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