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Ahmed Koussa - Dental Student

Ahmed Koussa Dental student

Hala! Ahmed koussa dental student, @koussa1 here, or just Koussa. Fun fact: Koussa means zucchini in Arabic. 

Im currently entering my fourth and final year of dental school and couldn’t be more excited to start a practice soon. Looking back, I’d say it’s impossible to walk out of dental school the same person I walked in as.
Though I encountered countless late and restless nights along the way, I’ve discovered my passion to give back through mission trips and charity events.


I also found out that I enjoy being involved in organized dentistry. Who woulda thunk?! It turns out that by being involved, we can actually make a difference. And although you may have already heard “not all hero’s wear capes”, Nothing beats a hug from a child in pain who calls you their hero.


Last but not least, helping future dentists is something I have a profound interest in. I’ve had great mentors along the way, and giving back by mentor ship is something that I enjoy so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I’m a dentist that doesn’t bite.

The best thing dentistry has taught me is to stay hungry and thirsty, as the journey never ends.

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