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Brendan Gallagher - Dental Student

Brendan Gallagher Dental Student

Hi im Brendan Gallagher, D1 at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine.

I chose dentistry because as a dentist, you are a doctor of both the teeth and the smile, and this involves the power and responsibility of relieving pain as well as restoring a persons confidence. I've always wanted to impact people's lives in these two ways.

We must be reminded every so often that achieving our dream destination we have in mind begins in this moment. As much as school is hard- it doesn't have to be miserable; it is what we make of it. The dream isn't the end goal, but rather the fulfillment of the road itself. I try to make the most this opportunity by connecting with and learning from the talented and bright people I'm fortunate to have around me.

In my little spare time as a first year dental student I exercise. Not because it's bulking season but more so to combat stress haha I love house music and Coldplay, occasionally pick up my violin for a quick jig. If there was one thing I had more time to do, it would be to travel and see the world

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