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Dr Mahrukh Khwaja - Dentist

Dr Makrukh Khawaja, Dentist UK, founder of Empowering women in dentistry group

Introducing Dr Mahrukh Khawaja, a dentist from the UK who is the founder of Empowering women in dentistry group!

My name is a - literal translation is "moon face"! The poetic meaning, however, is quite pretty ; the light of the moon. I spent much of my childhood hating my name. Of course I now fully embrace it. .

I am a dentist practising in Kent, having graduated from King's in 2010. I am passionate about minimally invasive dentistry. Im currently upskilling through postgraduate training so that I provide the best dentistry for my patients.

I founded my passion project, Empowering Women in Dentistry group, in April after feeling frustated at the lack of female role models and connection amongst women.


Aside from dentistry and encouraging female empowerment, I am passionate arts and crafts enthusiast. I love nature and National Trust Walks. I'm a huge advocater for theraphy and openess around mental health. My liberating moment happened after I met a woman who changed my trajectory. Since then I've try to live as honest and true to myself.

I'm keen to change the makeup of dentistry and challenge inequalities. I feel like presently there is a momentum of change for women.

Dr Khwaja has now written us an amazing blog post reviewing a number of aesthetic detistry courses in UK! 

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