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Lucia Pezzella - Dental Hygieneist

Lucia Pezella Dental Hygienist

Hello everyone! I am Lucia an Italian dental hygienist, I graduated from the Federico II University of Naples in 2015

I have been doing this job for almost 3 years. I have done projects for primary prevention in pharmacies and I currently work in two dental offices in the center of Naples. I work every day to make this professional figure known and recognized and to give space to who are young and want to work and grow professionally like me. I like to stay up-to-date on new tools, machinery, oral care products that I personally test. I have an Istagram page to communicate in a simple, fun and effective way who it is, what the dental hygienist does and how important the oral health care is. I love everything about the dental world and I'm obsessed with everything that is tooth shaped!"

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