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Rehan Shadid - Dental Student

Rehan Shadid, Dental student USA

Introducing Rehan Shadid, a dental student from the USA

Hi my name is Rehan and I’m a now a Third Year Dental Student. What I love about dentistry is it truly allows me to impact patients in a positive way that ultimately changes their lives for the better. My advice for others is to aspire to inspire. The journey to dental school takes time, commitment, and dedication, but it can be done! Once you make it to dental school, it becomes even more difficult...but truly worth it. Strive for success one day at a time!

Hobbies: playing basketball, hanging out with friends and family, and just chilling watching tv or movies

Things I do beyond school: focus a lot on learning about the business side of dentistry and how to establish and manage a successful practice. I learn about this trough reading books or listening to podcasts

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