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Best Dental Nurse Gift Mug - Carious Tees
Best Dental Nurse Gift Mug - Carious Tees

Best Dental Nurse Gift Mug

Carious Tees
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Gift Mug For A Dental Nurse or Dental Assistant By Carious Tees 

This Dental Nurse appreciation mug is perfect to give your Dental Nurse or a friend who is a Dental Assistant as a gift! 

Its late on Friday afternoon, you had a difficult case in, and you are running a little behind as a result. Thankfully you provided a really good result for the patient!

Your awesome dental nurse was so very helpful she managed to run out to the waiting room to explain to the next patients that you were running a little late. Her manner was so good and all the patients love her so there was no grumbling.

As you complete the notes she has already wiped down and set up for the next patient! you see in the corner of your eye that she has also prepared for the patient after as-well. You wont be going home late today!

Whilst completing the rest of the patients for the afternoon you reflect that you should buy her that awesome Best Dental Nurse Gift Mug that you saw last night on Carioustees.com. Its the least you can do to show your appreciation. Also she loves a good Mocha!

Dental Learning Point 

We should always show appreciation to our dental nurse, as we cannot deliver high quality treatment without them!

A gift mug is the perfect way to show them you know what a key member of the dental team they are!

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Perfect gift for a dental nurse or dental assistant