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Angry Dentist Joke Mug - Carious Tees
Angry Dentist Joke Mug - Carious Tees

Angry Dentist Joke Gift Mug

Carious Tees
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Gift Mug for Dentists by Carious Tees

This is the perfect dental joke gift!

Give it to a dental hygienist, dental nurse, or dentist to add to their collection!

Every dental clinic runs on caffeine, so give them a chance to have a little chuckle at the same time as filling up on coffee!

Story time

It's late in the day, the dental hygienist is tired, she ushers in the last patient of the day with a tired smile, she listens as the patient explains why he is there.

30 minutes later she has completed the session, and theres a knock on the door as she is logging out of the patient management software. the kind lady from reception slowly walks in carefully balancing a steaming mug of cocoa, making sure it doesn't spill.

The hygienist reads the slogan printed in glossy paint across the mug. she groans and laughs "It's sooooo bad", nevertheless she feels a little less tired, even before she had the hot drink!

Isn't it just the perfect dental joke gift!

Product details

  • Awesome gift for a dental hygienist, dental student, or a dentist

  • Premium Design

  • Ceramic

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

  • White and glossy

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