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Dentist Graduation Gift Pillow - Carious Tees

Dentist Graduation Gift Pillow

Carious Tees
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Dental Student Graduation Gift Pillow for Dentists by Carious Tees

This pillow is the perfect gift for a newly graduating dental student who has passed final examination!

This is sure to be a sentimental item for many years to come as they progress through the world of dentistry!

Story Time

Its been a long day with family, you've gotten all dressed up, donned the magnificent black gown with the colourful silk hood, greeted your family and friends as they arrived to attend the dental graduation ceremonies, accepted their gifts, and shown them to the viewing gallery.

You then met with your fellow classmates and waited through the universities centuries old ceremony to recieve your dental graduation scroll. 

Once the ceremony was over you headed out to take photos with countless friends and family, what a brilliant occasion. you all then flocked to a restaurant to have a celebratory meal! 

Only now have you had a chance to sit down and take in your achievement. You take your time opening the presents piled by your couch. Netflix on in the background.

Wrappings pile in the corner by the waste basket as you make your way through the mound! The last present is a little soft, as you rip it open you see a pillow, with a slogan and art across its centre!

As you watch Netflix and doze off the last thing you see that day is "Congrad-ulations, Youre a Dentist Now". The most fitting gift for your dentist graduation day!

Product Details

Who is it for?

This is the perfect dentist graduation gift! The Ideal gift for a final year dental student

  • 20”x12” 
  • Made of 100% pre-shrunk polyester
  • Moisture-repellent Teflon coating
  • Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing
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