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No Dam No Endo Mug - Carious Tees
No Dam No Endo Mug - Carious Tees
No Dam No Endo Mug - Carious Tees
No Dam No Endo Mug - Carious Tees

No Dam No Endo Dentist Gift Mug

Carious Tees
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Gift Mug For Dentists by Carious Tees

This is the perfect gift to give to a dentist or endodontist who loves rubber dam.

All Dentists know that endo without dam is no endo at all

You are walking out of your final examination in dental school. You head to the rest room and wash your face. A deep sigh escapes you from the depth of your chest.

That was a close one!

You dry off with those grainy paper towels from the dispenser, discard it in the waste basket, and head to the common room. You need a coffee, and you need it badly. As the kettle boils you peer into the cupboard to pick a mug. And there it is..

"NO DAM, NO ENDO" it screams at you as you place it down. You smile. This little guy was the saviour you think to yourself, as you reminisce over the Endodontics essay question.

In your mind comes the voice of Stephen Frys audio book impersonation of Professor McGonagall: "State the mandatory requirements for a root canal filling (20 marks)" 

Without this mug you may have failed your dental school finals, and may never have graduated to become an endodontist specialist dentist. Good thing you're addicted to coffee and an even better thing this mug was available!

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The perfect gift for a budding Endodontist or Dentist